Our mission is to ensure that every person has access to safe, healthy and affordable housing.

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The Home Foundation is a charitable trust singularly focussed on the eradication of homelessness. We believe this will be achieved through practically meeting the needs of whānau and individuals who are currently not able to access secure, safe and healthy homes.
We believe that when people have access to safe, secure and healthy homes, we provide them, their whānau and their community with a greater chance of succeeding in all other areas of life. A home is more than just a house, it is the foundation for a fulfilled life.
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Our purpose

The Home Foundation exists to outwork our vision of a world free of homelessness. As well as meeting housing needs directly, we seek to enable and empower other organisations in the work of providing secure, healthy and affordable housing.

Provision of housing

We provide safe, secure and healthy homes to Kiwis.

Research & policy

We fund, commission and enable research projects in partnership with various academic and community organisations, in order to inform and develop good policy in the area of housing.


We research, develop, pilot and trial new and effective approaches in residential housing design and construction methodology. Through innovative use of resources, we can have a greater impact on a larger proportion of the population.


We seek to raise the level of public awareness and debate on the importance of housing. When more people use their influence to house the homeless, we will all benefit from a society that enables individuals and communities to flourish.
Ka mate kāinga tahi, ka ora kāinga rua. (When one home fails, have another to go to. Have two strings to your bow.)
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